Bob Penoz is a top-notch engineering test and research company with an outstanding record and best practice. What started out over thirty years ago as a supply and general contract firm has now become a leader in tests and research relevant to the construction, power, telecoms, oil, gas and allied industries.

Results obtained from Bob Penoz labs, on and off-field tests are never in doubt. The company has been responsible for servicing nearly all the top 10 companies in relevant fields in the country and many others, including the growing firms. BobPenoz has grown into a household name for Subsoil Investigation of all kinds, pile tests, hydrological tests, Geophysical tests, etc

Every season we ensure our testing devices and equipment are calibrated to meet currently acceptable standards. We engage in in-depth research and analysis to help our parent industries perform optimally in relation to the environment, cost and quality control etc.
We know the functional requirements of every material or samples we are testing and we keep up to beat with industry trends.
We are the BP, we know what it takes!